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Quality Craftsmanship

Starting from the the base, only the highest quality Baltic birch wood panels are selected and locally crafted. Each panel is 1¾″ deep, chosen to elevate each work and display a three dimensional feel. This structure consists of thicker, studier and heavier weight than other artist-quality cradled panels, thus ensuring the longevity and durability of each work of art.


Once the ideal base panel is selected for each artwork a minimum of 14 days is taken to prepare the panel. Multiple layers of high quality sealant and Gesso are applied, dried, sanded, and reapplied to avoid any future SID (Support Induced Discolouration) and to ensure a smooth working surface.


The final artwork is accomplished by blending artist’s professional series epoxy resin and high quality pigments. A unique feature of each custom piece is that the colours are achieved by combining various pigments, ranging from spray paint, makeup pigments, luxury automotive paints, acrylics, and various inks, pastes and powders with the resin. Every composition demonstrates its very own interaction of the medium with pigments varying in opacity, luminescence, clarity and depth.


Each layer of the artwork is smoothed with a blow torch, following a 72 hour curing period.


The finished product is a multilayered artwork with a crystal clear, high-gloss, glass like finish.

Each custom artwork is meticulously crafted with precision, quality and longevity in mind.

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